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5G Softlanding

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5G Софтлендинг – программа для компаний со зрелым продуктом, направленная на подготовку к пилотированию и выводу продукта на рынок в партнерстве с МТС. Мы работаем вместе с нашими бизнес-подразделениями и крупными компаниями клиентами для того, чтобы найти потребность в вашем решении на рынке и создать возможность пилотирования у реальных b2b клиентов. Главной задачей является создание совместного продукта с 5G, который будет иметь коммерческий успех на рынке.

Selection areas

Industrial automation

Industry 4.0 including:

remote machine control systems (human-to-machine)

industrial robots (M2M)

remote monitoring in the enterprise

quality control based on ML

Autonomous transport (AGV) in the enterprise.

Entertainment and media

smart stadium

broadcasting sports and cultural events in VR / 360

first-person broadcasts in team sports

transmission of media reporting content

Warehouse and port logistics

inventory of a warehouse using a UAV

moving goods in a warehouse using AGV

monitoring for cranes and gates in the port


remote operations

wearable body sensors

assistance devices for people with disabilities

remote monitoring of the patient's condition

robotic drug delivery to the patient

robotic disinfection

connection of terminals for holding consultations

mobile diagnostic units

Training and teleconferencing in VR / AR

Immersive staff training with VR

Education in schools and universities with VR.

Teleconferences, meetings, collaborations in VR / AR

Energy and utilities

management of backup switching and emergency shutdowns of the distribution network, high requirements for network delays

automated video inspection of infrastructure (wire break detection, detection of foreign objects on wires and poles, construction equipment in the protective zone, fires, smoke)

Selection criteria

Mature product

You have a finished product, sales and experience in integrating with wireless networks of telecom operators

Market knowledge

You have deep business or technical expertise in your industry. You understand how your product, in synergy with wireless technologies, can solve customer problems


You have a resource in your team that you are ready to secure for participation in the program

What do we offer

Joint product sales launch

Use MTS channels and brand to increase sales of your product

Access to 5G laboratories

Use the newest equipment and integrate your product with the 5G and Edge network

Expert support

Get support from technical experts, develop business models with business units

Grants 500 thousand rubles to startups

Compensate for the cost of adapting the product to the MTS 5G network

New clients among large partner companies

Become a partner of MTS and get access to large corporate clients

Start selling your product

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