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Cookie Policy

Please read closely this Cookie Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”). The Policy describes rules of processing cookies and similar technologies when visiting the site https://startup.mts.ru/  (hereinafter the “Site”). By using the Site, you confirm your consent to this Policy. The Site belongs to MTS PJSC (OGRN 1027700149124, located at: 4 Marksistskaya St., Moscow 109147


To the extent not regulated by this Policy the MTS PJSC Policy on Personal Data Processing posted at: https://moskva.mts.ru/about/investoram-i-akcioneram/korporativnoe-upravlenie/dokumenti-pao-mts/politika-obrabotka-personalnih-dannih-v-pao-mts, applies.


1. Cookie, Tags and Similar Technologies

1.2. Cookie is a small text file sent by the web server and stored on a computer, mobile phone or any other device with access to the Internet when visiting a website. 

1.3. Each time in opening a page of a relevant website, your web client (web browser) forwards the mentioned text file to the web server within an HTTP-request to provide such web server with the information about your actions and preferences on the Internet. In this case, to ensure security and safety of your data your web client (web browser) does not usually transfer cookies destined for one website to other resources.

1.4. At your own discretion, you may both delete the already stored cookies and restrict (prohibit) their collection by installing relevant settings in your web client (web browser). For more details how to do this see Section 5 hereof. Please note that in this case we will not be able to guarantee the Site normal operation and availability of its functions in full.

1.5. For the purposes of this Policy, cookies hereinafter mean any other similar technologies. 


2. How We Use Cookie

2.1. We use cookies to the following effect: 

2.1.1. Ensuring the Site operation and security; 

2.1.2. Improving the Site performance; 

2.1.3. Registering an account on the Site and simplifying subsequent authorization; 

2.1.4.  Collecting information about a user session, forming the Site use statistics (for instance, calculation of the Site visitors, determination of user peak hours), analyzing user experience with the Site (for example, determination of a user journey on the Site), i.e. for optimization of the Site design and structure in terms of its convenience for use, quick search for necessary information and general user experience improvement;  

2.1.5. Gathering information about a number of ad views and clicks (conversion assessment), as well as setting individual advertising on the Site (for instance, you will not see the ads you have seen recently); 

2.1.6. Improving products and/or services of MTS PJSC and developing new products and/or services thereof. 

2.2. According to this Policy, your consent is effective until you decide to delete the stored cookies and/or restrict (prohibit) their collection, as specified in Section 7 hereof.   


3. What Cookie We Use

(a) Basic cookies.   These cookies are required to ensure the Site basic operation.  In particular, they allow users to register and authorize on the Site, navigate and browse through the content, as well as they help to identify users to provide the requested service (for example, to save the earlier entered data to enter the Site in order to accelerate the authorization in the future); 

(b) Operational cookies.  These cookies collect information how users use the Site (for example, what web client (web browser) is used to visit the Site), this allows us to improve navigation on the Site, make it more convenient and corresponding to the needs of users, as well as to correct technical errors as far as they occur and ensure the Site security.  For instance, this type of cookies helps us to understand how users enter the Site, whether they browse through or use the Site, and identify ways of the Site optimization;

(c) Target cookies.   These cookies collect information about search preferences of users and are used to deliver the tailored ads and content.   Moreover, they are used to restrict the number of ads and evaluate the efficiency of advertising campaigns (conversion assessment).  They remember visits by the Site users and transfer this information to other organizations, for example, advertisers.

(d) Functional cookies. These cookies help to customize the Site content to meet the needs of a certain user.  They remember the user’s choice (for instance, change of the text size), language and country from which the user visits the Site.  The information gathered by these cookies is anonymous and no user’s activities on other sites are tracked. 

(e) Session cookies.  These cookies are stored in your web client (web browser) only for an active session period on the Site, i.e until you leave the Site.

(f) Constant cookies.  These cookies are stored in your web client (web browser) after the end of the session on the Site unless you delete them.


4.  Yandex.Metrica

4.1. The Site uses Yandex.Metrica, Web Analytics Service of OOO Yandex (16 L. Tolstoi St., Moscow 119021, Russia)  (hereinafter “Yandex”). 

4.2. Yandex.Metrica uses cookies to analyze activities of users on the Site. 

4.3. The information collected by cookies does not disclose the user identity but may help to improve the Site operation.  The information about the Site use collected by cookies will be transferred to Yandex and stored on its own servers.  Yandex will process this information to assess how the Site is used, prepare reports on the Site operation and provide other services.  Yandex will process the mentioned information in accordance with Yandex.Metrica terms. 

4.4. You may prohibit collection of data generated by cookies during the Site use and their subsequent transfer to Yandex, as well as these data processing by Yandex by downloading and installing a plug-in for your web client (web browser) available by the following link: https://yandex.com/support/metrica/general/opt-out.html?lang=ru.


5. How to Refuse Cookie

5.1. You may regulate data collection by cookies by arranging certain settings in your web client (web browser).  In order to receive an instruction how to block or delete any cookies enter the Help or Support Sections of your web client (web browser).  In case of switching off or blocking cookies we will not be able to guarantee the Site normal operation and availability of its functions in full.


The information about cookies handling in the web client (web browser) may be found by the following links: 

Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/ru-ru/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies#

Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/ru/kb/vklyuchenie-i-otklyuchenie-kukov-ispolzuemyh-veb-s.

Chrome:  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=ru.  

Safari: https://support.apple.com/ru-ru/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac.


6. Final Policy Provisions

6.1. Amendments and/or additions may be introduced to the Policy from time to time.  If any amendments are introduced to the Policy the updated Policy will be posted at the following address:  https://startup.mts.ru/cookiepolicy-page; at the same time, the Site administration will not inform the Site users about such amendments by sending them any special notices.  Users are recommended to look through this page on a regular basis to have vital information.  Any amendments to the Policy come into effect once it is posted at the following address: https://startup.mts.ru/cookiepolicy-page.

6.2. To the extent not regulated by this Policy the “Personal Data Processing by MTS PJSC” Policy posted at: https://moskva.mts.ru/about/investoram-i-akcioneram/korporativnoe-upravlenie/dokumenti-pao-mts/politika-obrabotka-personalnih-dannih-v-pao-mts applies.


7. Contact Details 

The Site administrator’s address:  4 Marksistskaya St., Moscow 109147

E-mail: startup@mts.ru