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5G incubation

a new reality

The 5G Center is an open international platform for finalizing and testing new digital products using the advantages of 5G technology and edge computing, MTS expertise and investments

Selection areas

XR and telepresence for B2C

Services that solve the problems of B2C users using AR/VR technologies and holograms.

Case examples:

Broadcast concerts in XR

Cloud gaming in XR

AR for navigation and advertising

Unmanned and robotic solutions

Mobile unmanned solutions using ground (AGV) or airborne vehicles (UAVs) that require data exchange with a cloud server.

Case examples:

Robotization of logistics

Enterprise infrastructure survey

Cargo delivery

Inventory of warehouses and retail premises

Computer vision

Solutions that use machine vision in different production cycles, including cloud data processing.

Case examples:

Finished goods flaw inspection

Control of production processes

Monitoring of completed construction work

Remote Device Control

Solutions for remote control of production equipment or transport, requiring a minimum response time to commands from the control center.

Case examples:


Construction equipment management

Transportation of goods and people

AR/VR for industry

Solutions to optimize production processes and improve labor safety with the help of AR/VR.

Case examples:

Maintenance of equipment with AR devices

Infrastructure Inspection in VR

Product design in VR

Selection criteria


You have an MVP or a finished product, first sales will be an advantage

for 5G

Your clients will receive extra value from using 5G and cloud computing


Your team includes specialists capable of finalizing the product with 5G

What do we offer

Access to
5G laboratories

Test your product and new devices on the 5G network and deploy an app on the edge computing platform in the 5G lab

for further development

Get a grant of up to 500 thousand rubles to compensate for the cost of product development


Get support from MTS experts and company partners, learn about 5G technologies at master classes from the best telecom professionals

sites with 5G

Get the opportunity to pilot the product on deployed 5G networks with MTS partners

in industry events

Present your product at key industry events with MTS and add your case to the partner catalog of the 5G Center to promote your company


Access CloudMTS server capacity

Opportunities for R&D

XR glasses

XR glasses

AR glasses with a built-in mid-range 5G module and a SIM card slot

5G modules

5G modules

5G modems based on the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ SDX55 chipset in M.2 card format are equipped with a debug board and medium and millimeter wave antennas

5G routers

5G routers

Stationary devices for connection to 5G networks of medium and millimeter wave. Equipped with Ethernet ports and SIM card slot

5G smartphones

5G smartphones

Android-based mobile phones supporting 5G medium and mmWave standard

Our partners

Technology Partners

Partners with MTS pilot 5G networks


Maria Simonova


Project manager

Elena Gavrilova


Head of the branch of the 5G Center in St. Petersburg

Andrey Ivanov


Head of R&D projects in St. Petersburg

Anton Zyuzin


Head of MTS StartUp Hub branch in Nizhny Novgorod

Nikolay Isaev


Project Manager in Nizhny Novgorod

Our labs

Moscow St. Petersburg Nizhny Novgorod Novosibirsk new

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